Research, Development and Bugs

Asterisk Bug 8386

On Friday 17th of November we found a problem in the parameters to limit the call time in Asterisk.

Codevoz had been a part of the group that fixed that bug, as you can see on the page Digium Bugs under the name of jsolares – reporter, José Solares our Research and Develpoment Director

This parch fixes the ast_generic_bridge since it incorrectly returned a AST_BRIDGE_COMPLETE. That is the reason why the call is hang up once the bridge is completed.

Asterisk Bug 7832

The main problem of this Bug reported by Codevoz is that Asterisk 1.2.x can not access the variables CDR (billsec) or CDR (duration) in the dialplan or through an AGI.

This is the behaviour when this patch billsec.patch.gz is applied:

1. CDR (billsec) returns the number of second of the call, since it was answered until the function execution, if not answered it returns a cero.

2. CDR (duration) returns the number of seconds of the call, since the call reached the Asterisk until the CDR is executed.

This will give us the number of seconds of the call, since it was answered until it was finalized for any reason, that means the total chargable time of the call, but without this parche the function would return a cero since Asterisk has not calculated the variable value.