The Company

Who are we?

Codevoz ™ is a Research and Development VoIP company founded in early 2004 in Guatemala City.
We are dedicated to develop integral solutions for your business, along with consulting in security, networking and databases.

Our leading department of Reaserch and Development is extending world-class open source projects like Asterisk and OpenSer to offer solutions that are better equiped for your business. Asterisk is a telephony project that thrives to implement all the things you’d need in a business enviroment.

Contact Information
Codevoz, S.A.
Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A.

Some of our customers:

  • Fixed Telephony Companies
  • Mobile Telephony Companies
  • Package Management Companies
  • Internet Carries
  • Cable Operators
  • Call Centers and BPO Companies
  • Private Security Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Multinational Companies