What is Asterisk?


Asterisk is an intelligent communications software based on open source technolgies, wherein voice, data an video converge, commonly used alongside Linux.

It takes over the traditional functions contained in the commercial PBX’s like Avaya, Nortel and CISCO, alongside with latest and new tecnology.

It’s also a platform that allows for interoperability with POTS and VoIP(Voice over IP).

It allows to translate and use diverse protocols for VoIP such as SIP, MGCP and H.323.

It’s able as well to connect to the national telephony system, affording you the latest VoIP technology with great savings to your company.

Comparing different Telephony PBX’s:

Functions Asterisk Avaya IP Office Nortel BCM
Voice Mail Unlimited Inboxes 30 Inboxes 30 Inboxes
Tri-Party Call Yes Yes Yes
Conference Rooms Yes No No
On-Hold calls Yes Yes Yes
Call Transfers Yes Yes Yes
Direct Inward Dial (DID) Yes Yes Yes
IVR (Interactive Voice Rensponse) Yes Optional W/Added Cost Optional W/Added Cost
ACD (Automatic Call Distribuitor) Unlimited Agents Includes 10 agents Includes 10 agents
Database integration Yes Optional W/Added Cost Optional W/Added Cost
Call Recording Yes Optional W/Added Cost Optional W/Added Cost
Password protection Yes Yes Yes
Default Message and Personalized Messages Yes Yes Yes
E-Mail notification of voicemail Yes Yes Yes
Visual Indication of voicemail Yes Yes Yes
Interoperability with other VoIP Equipment from various providers Yes No No
International Calls by VoIP Yes No No

Source: Synetcom

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